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POCito Omne MIPS Fluorescent Orange

R 1,995.00
SKU: HE.PC107369050XSM1


Let kids develop their cycling skills with the confidence that comes from knowing they are protected.


POCito colors and details keep children noticed.
Adjustable 360° fit system


The children's cycling helmet designed to support younger riders as they develop their skills. Sharing the same design philosophy as the Omne Mips, the POCito Omne Mips is specifically tailored to meet the precise needs of younger riders. The helmet features a 360° fit system that makes it easy to find a secure and comfortable fit. The helmet's EPS liner is optimized for the protection children need. The inclusion of Mips enhances rotational impact protection, giving more security for children of all ages. As with all POCito products, the helmet is developed to support proactive protection for children. The POCito Omne Mips is available in highly visible fluorescent colors that attract attention from a distance, so others notice your child earlier. Reflective detailing makes it even easier for the helmet to grab attention.



The Mips Brain Protection System gives improved rotational impact protection.

EPS Liner

A lightweight EPS liner gives protection optimized for children.

PC Shell

The PC shell enhances the structural integrity of the helmet.

Adjustable 360° fit

A 360° adjustment system makes it easy to find a secure, comfortable fit.

Reflective Details

Reflective patches to the front, rear and on each side of the helmet make it easier for others to notice the wearer.

Fluorescent colors

Bright fluorescent colors make it easier for others to see the wearer from further away, giving more time to react to a child's presence.

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