Wahoo KICKR Axis Feet Wahoo KICKR Axis Feet Wahoo KICKR Axis Feet
Wahoo KICKR Axis Feet Wahoo KICKR Axis Feet Wahoo KICKR Axis Feet

Wahoo KICKR Axis Feet

R 1,795.00


If you’re not quite ready to upgrade to the newest KICKR, Wahoo offers the KICKR AXIS Upgrade Kit so you can enhance the riding characteristics of your older KICKR. The AXIS feet replace the existing feet on your KICKR to support three different stiffness levels with the ultimate intention of adding more realistic riding sensations while you’re hammering indoors. With the feet, the trainer moves side to side while you pedal instead of remaining fixed in place.

At the “easy-action” level, you’ll have five-degrees of side to side movement for the most real-world riding experience. However, Wahoo makes it easy to swap out to stiff and medium levels depending on your specific ride goals. The purpose is to reduce fatigue on the cycling muscles that may get overworked when locked into a fixed trainer position and to recruit more stability muscles that require training to translate to outdoor-riding preparedness.

The AXIS feet themselves are easy to install and swap out if you want to modify your ride from general training to sprint or race drills. And the feet are compatible with all versions of Wahoo’s KICKR, but not KICKR CORE or KICKR SNAP.

  • Add movement to your stationary indoor cycling
  • Feet for KICKR trainer add three stiffness options for realistic cycling
  • Side to side movement with up to five degrees of float
  • Reduces rider fatigue by more effectively using cycling specific muscles
  • Easy installation supports flexible riding goals