Wahoo Training Sweat Guard

R 299.00


If you've ridden a trainer indoors, you know how much sweat gets on your bike... A lot! While not as bad as anti-freeze, all that natural human coolant is not good for your bike's finish or its components.

The solution is the Wahoo Sweat Guard. It stretches from your handlebars to your seat post, and protects the top-tube, stem, and handlebars of your bike. Made of soft and absorbent fuzzy fabric, the Sweat Guard is adjustable for different size frames and will even accommodate a computer or phone mounted to your bikes cockpit.


  • Thick, fuzzy, absorbent
  • Fits all frame sizes
  • Anchors on seat post
  • Elastic straps to adjust for length
  • Opening at handlebars can fit computer or smart phone
  • Recommended Use: Training

Sure, you can drape a towel over your bars during your trainer workouts to protect your frame from sweat damage, but after a few minutes it begins to feel pretty impractical. Wahoo created its own Trainer Sweat Guard that will keep sweat off your frame without blocking your computer or hanging down over your legs. It was designed with an opening so you're able to see your head unit, and it protects your top tube and bars from corrosion during your toughest indoor sweat sessions.

Don't sweat frame corrosion while sweating through workouts
Strategic aperture preserves line of sight to head units

Let your body exhibit the effects of a winter spent training, not your top cap bolt